See What My Clients Think of My Training Services

See What My Clients Think of My Training Services

BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY BOY Justin Lathon He is going to make sure you put in the work, be ready to knock his head off his shoulders by the end of the workout get with him!!!

Brittney D -

if you’re looking for a personal trainer look no further Justin Lathon is your man!!! I hate him and like him all in one but he's pushing the limits for my old body!!!

Kevin H-

No High fives for at least 3 days. Appreciate ya Justin Lathon
CREVAE A. It's been just over a month working with Justin and I already see a major difference in my day-to-day life! Thanks for pushing me!

Phillip H.-

I seriously think my arms and back are about to fall off. Someone come hold this phone so I can finish typing LOL. Thank you

Tenichia A-

Get you a trainer that you are proud to represent! He’s trained me before pregnancy, during pregnancy, and postpartum. Great guy, even better trainer!

Sam Y-

Shout out to my personal trainer Justin Lathon…I’m back in these size 29 jeans and down 8lbs in 2.5 weeks with room to spare MY best is yet to come #WhatWaist

Valerie K.-

Some days you have to just show up for yourself, other days you have to show what you came for. Shout-out to Justin Lathon, one of the best mentors in the game

Monty H-

It’s not a matter of suddenly transforming your body. It’s a matter of hard work transforming your mind to help transform your body. After our 6-week program session, I can literally feel the rush of endorphins. Thank you for holding me accountable for getting maximum results in minimal time. I just want to say how grateful I am for your work as my personal trainer.

Princess W.-

Great personal trainer! You are always professional and friendly.

Selene C-

Stop complaining and Just Lift by Justin Lathon.
If you want it, you have to change your lifestyle. #5months #JustLiftbyJustin #trainedbythebest 100lbs+down.

Darren R. -